Louise Distras

Louise Distras’s kickstarter campaign nearing completion

Punk poet, singer songwriter Louise Distras is within touching distance of hitting the pledge target for her second album. The deadline of August 1st is fast approaching though and so far she has received 70% of her Pledge target.

This week has seen a blow to the financial viability and longevity of independent venues and as a result the route to the public that they offer. It would be a shame if another opportunity for a superbly talented but not necessarily mainstream act such as Distras failed to commit song to vinyl due to missed targets. Louise Distras has been touring the UK extensively and doing the festival circuit to promote there songs and while they have been well received live there is still 30% to go before the singer can receive the funds and start work.

It points to a wider malaise in a music industry where chances are not taken by record labels, mainstream media or even, as is the case with crowdfunding, the consumers themselves. Small bands make little or no money touring, earlier this month the promising young outfit Chasing Cadence called it a day citing the necessity to live in the real world of bills and families as an issue, this is not an uncommon complaint. The music loving public need to remember what it’s like to be a music purchaser otherwise they too will be responsible for the ever diminished pool of promising acts.

To pledge for Louise Distras’s kickstarter campaign for her next album follow this LINK