Careful - The World Doesn’t End
Recorded entirely in his Bedstuy apartment studio in Brooklyn, Careful's latest album blends electronic music, new classical composition and pop, and showcases Lindley's craftsmanship and education

“The World Doesn’t End” could be a real game changer for ‘Careful’

“The World Doesn’t End” is the fourth full-length release by Careful, the meticulously crafted solo project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Eric Lindley.

A transplant from a community of artists, electronics hackers and experimental writers in Los Angeles, Lindley recorded the album entirely in an ad hoc studio in his small, Bedstuy apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Aside from spot mixing by his friend Andrew Munsey, and mastering by Josh Bonati, the production is entirely his own, belying the rich, orchestral range of both setting and vocals, which he electronically altered to sound like a duet between himself and a female voice. The album will be released on CD and digital by Circle Into Square on April 22nd, 2014.

Careful’s music is warm, dark, and—until this album—somewhat subdued. This release marks a transition into something occasionally more aggressive, often more transparent and direct in storytelling. Each song is its own short story, centering on an endlessly bleak relationship between a man and woman, both voiced by Lindley. Certain tracks, like “Didn’t He Die” blend noisy, custom synth sounds and multiple interlocking layers of noise—a la Crystal Castles or Fuck Buttons—with complex polyphonies and polyrhythms found among the likes of Thomas Mapfumo and Joanna Newsom. Other tracks, like “Headlights; Mice-Like-Snowflakes” or “Unicorn” evoke Morrissey’s affinity for playfully hopeless storytelling within more classic songwriting structures.

The full track-listing for ‘The World Doesn’t End’ is as follows…

01. Didn’t He Die?
02. The Sun Is White
03. Headlights; Mice-Like-Snowflakes
04. No Title
05. The World Doesn’t End (Part I)
06. The World Doesn’t End (Part II)
07. This Isn’t It
08. You Will Have To Kill Me
09. Unicorn
10. Three Little Devils

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