Chicago-based songwriter Taylor Rogers has released NOA, a remarkably creative modern folk album that sprinkles in influences from indie, pop, and even experimental electronica.

The album contains 13 cuts, including previously released singles “N.A”, “oldhills” and “BE4U”, and is brightened throughout by inventive arrangements of strings, woodwind and piano. Check the album out, below, and find out more about the story behind NOA.

How can we befriend our grief? Chicago based singer-songwriter Taylor Rogers lives out an answer to this question on her newest album, NOA. When facing the end of a long-term relationship with a man she loved dearly, Taylor says she felt a new kind of desperation. “I could no longer pretend to be someone I wasn’t, but this meant losing my best friend, and losing a self and a future I’d created while hiding from what I knew to be true: I was gay.” 

So, why ‘NOA’? Taylor explains: “Following my truth required moving through overwhelming waves of loss and uncertainty, trusting something else awaited me even though I couldn’t yet see or understand what it was. This made me feel like a protagonist from one of the epic flood narratives.” From the title track, she sings: compass in the dark, steering floods like Noah’s Ark. Write another song, try and get the hurtin’ gone. Love until it breaks, then learn to live with heartache.”

Within the songs of NOA, Taylor takes her sorrow out to tea, finding hope in its company. “These songs saved me. I’d be weeping and a melody would come through my sobs. I’d cling to it like a friend, weaving it around my looping pedal to find some words, some semblance of understanding to make sense of the grief hole i was spiraling in. NOA became an outlet for sharing incomprehensible aloneness. For putting it into a form that connected me with others. As I wrote these songs, I was crying with and for the whole world. Maybe I wasn’t so alone after all.”

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