On May 3, 2019, Brian Fennell has finally released his first debut album under the SYML name. The self-titled album includes twelve songs, among which we can find the popular, previously released as singles ‘Hurt for Me’, ‘Where’s My Love’ and ‘Clean Eyes’ as well as a few unreleased before tracks.

Brian Fennell is part of the indie rock band Barcelona but releases solo music under the name of his solo project SYML since 2016. He has released four EPs and five singles. Now, finally, three years after releasing his first solo single ‘Hurt for Me’, SYML has put all of his unique songs together giving us a full-length album.

The debut album’s name, ‘SYML’, fits perfectly in this case because it captures truly what we can expect from it. SYML, meaning ‘simple’ in Welsh, is exactly that, music that is not over-embellished with beautiful lyrics that tug on our heartstrings.

SYML gained popularity when his melancholic indie track “Where’s My Love” was used on the popular teen drama “Teen Wolf” and has been soaring the indie charts with his other singles.