Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan says the band have written “about 27 pieces of work” which could make it onto the bands sixth album.

Crahan says that his ultimate goal is for their next release is for it to be a double concept album.

He told NME in and interview with them “We have decided to do things differently. Our label had been bought and sold, people who used to give me advise are gone now, were still standing. We’re not gonna wait around for Corey Taylor to say that he’s ready – no ones gonna wait for me to finish directing a movie. The same thing goes if someone wants to go out on tour with someone else“.

The band has been getting together every three or four months and writing for up to 30 days and currently have about 27 new songs written and about 7 or eight are completed.

In June frontman Corey Taylor admitted he wanted to write something violent on Slipknots next album.

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