On Tuesday, May 9th, Simon Posford shared three Facebook videos from the mastering sessions for Shpongle‘s upcoming album ‘Codex 6.’ Posford (Hallucinogen, Younger Brother) is one-half of the legendary goa trance duo alongside TIP Records founder Raja Ram. ‘Codex 6,’ the sixth album in Shpongle’s discography, will be the first release since 2013’s ‘Museum of Consciousness.’

The first clip features a pulsating drum kick underneath dark electronic textures. The second recalls classic the Shpongle track ‘How the Jellyfish Jumped Up the Mountain’. The final video features a sample about the ekpyrotic process, hinting that ‘Codex 6’ will thematically focus on cosmology.

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These teasers represent another crucial step towards the release of ‘Codex 6.’ On April 24th, Posford shared a minute-long recording session on the official Shpongle Facebook page. Three days prior, Posford and Ram announced a design competition for the cover of ‘Codex 6.’ The duo made the announcement after paying “thousands of $$$$ to a couple of professional designers.” Upon receiving the finished product, Posford and Ram found the artists “had no imagination.” [Those interested in entering the contest can find the full set of rules on the group’s Facebook page. The deadline for entering is May 18th.]

Claiming “there’s not a huge market for vinyl,” Posford also shared that ‘Codex 6’ will receive a limited vinyl release. Since the limited pressing of debut release ‘Are You Shpongled?’ regularly sells for approximately €150, purchasing ‘Codex 6’ could be a wise investment. In addition to new music, Shpongle fans should expect a re-mastered version of the debut.

Shpongle has not yet announced the official release date for ‘Codex 6.’ 




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