Peerless in this modern world of Instagram clones and soundalikes, fearless creative Onoe Caponoe drops his anticipated album ‘Surf Or Die‘ confirming him as one of the most exciting and enigmatic rappers in the current UK Hip Hop scene.

Known for his eccentric flair, agile wordplay and assorted musical preference to extract from, ‘Surf or Die’ sees Onoe Caponoe blend jazz-infused hip hop, with high energy trap in addition to the unpredictable nature of psychedelic rock, resulting in the structured, musical anarchy that only Caponoe can conjure. The emcee is responsible for his entire aesthetic, illustrating the artwork for his singles and album himself, adding multiple layers to his image that has evolved with his music.

Preceding the album drop, Onoe has unveiled multiple videos to accompany the singles, with ‘Lost The Love’ the latest to bring the variation of sounds to life that the rapper incorporates throughout. The album’s debut single ‘Suicide City‘ is a vibrant effort on which Caponoe forgoes his usual antics to remind listeners that, aside from his unconventional persona, he can compete lyrically with any rapper. ‘Valentines Massacre’ switches to a menacing mood as Caponoe unleashes a barrage of rhymes, before ‘Blood Moon (City Hunt)‘ in a similarly threatening vein led by heavy 808s and an eclectic feel make it some of his most unique work.

Gaining plause from the likes of Dazed, Noisey and Complex, Onoe Caponoe is a founding member of the art collective HOLY DELIX 169 which was ahead of the curve in its adoption of Afrofuturist principles. Influenced by the likes of Mobb Deep, Three 6 Mafia, Black Sabbath, and Jimi Hendrix, Onoe Caponoe was an identity stitched together by music providing a powerful release from life.

With so many diverse musical reference points, Caponoe easily holds the attention for the duration of the album’s 20 tracks, slipping in and out of the different styles he’s able to excel on. Onoe Caponoe seems truly peerless when compared to the many artists today that claim to be unique, as he fully utilises his creative will through his lyrics, production and art.

‘Surf or Die’Onoe Caponoe’s fourth album – is out Friday, March 29th via High Focus Records.