Nosound share new single & video ‘Shelter’ from new album ‘Allow Yourself’

Following on from the release of the first single from Nosound’s forthcoming album, Allow Yourself, the band have revealed the new song “Shelter”.

The stunning new video was filmed between both the idyllic Greek island of Paros and Marston Marshes in Norwich, with both locations having a personal & emotional connection for both songwriter Giancarlo Erra and the two actresses in the clip.

The footage was personally shot by Giancarlo, “I had a very specific view in mind, I had the idea of a woman coming from the sea and meeting another woman in this field, without suggesting anything specific about the past of the two characters, or the nature of their meeting or relationship. Also, to me, without wanting to make a political statement, I needed to subtly make reference to a subject very dear to my home country, Italy, with the heart-breaking situation of migrants coming from the sea and some terrible politicians and diffused racism across the population.”

Whilst Giancarlo Erra prefers to leave his songs open to interpretation, he expressed how with “Shelter”, the main theme running through the song is one of human relationships and their ambivalence, as they can bring shelter but can also often be something we need to take shelter fromThis ambivalence can be heard within the lyrics as they contrast between the hopeful verses and the doubtful choruses.

Erra explains in more depth how “Shelter” fits within the band’s evolving sound “the song showcases more than others the departure for Nosound from guitars or rock instrumentation/sound, the evolution in integrating electronics instead of omnipresent guitars and classic drums, and a renewed intention of leaving aside any form of instrument virtuosity while going towards a more contemporary and minimalist approach. It’s a song showing more than others how we’re evolving our songwriting and applying it to a wider context of instruments and formats.”

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Nosound’s 2018 studio album Allow Yourself finds the band in a new space once more having grown alongside their evolving and borderless label Kscope. The new material is a stripping back of what has come before, and its inspirations are in a different field altogether, based on founder and songwriter Giancarlo Erra’s own shifting interests.

Allow Yourself was recorded at Erra’s The Bench Music in Norfolk, with additional recording in Rome at Binario2. Songwriting, engineering, mixing, production, mastering and artwork has been handled by the frontman, which has resulted in a coherent message in the band’s new work.

Allow Yourself tracklisting

1 Ego Drip [02:32]

2 Shelter [03:53]

3 Don’t You Dare [04:00]

4 My Drug [03:22]

5 Miracle [03:54]

6 This Night [04:30]

7 At Peace [03:12]

8 Growing In Me [03:23]

9 Saviour [02:45]

10 Weights [05:04]

11 Defy [02:06]