Nivid’s debut album Mernā came out on the 15th of November, the album is a battle cry of rebellion against the establishment from a band which has emerged as one of the most important voices in India. The focus on lead track ‘The World Around Me’ surrounding the pollution crisis in India attracted a lot of attention, including an interview with BBC Asian Network.

In the interview, front-man Aditya Virmani spoke about the city in which he lives, Gurgaon, which was named the most polluted city in the world by Greenpeace. Aditya spoke of how it feels impossible to ignore the outstanding issues of pollution in India now but regretted that a lot of people still don’t take it seriously and are bored of hearing about it in the news. The frustration with this apathy towards the crisis fuels the passion in the track ‘The World Around Me’.

Mernā(literally, ‘to die’) reflects the journey of the album’s central character, through to the ultimate breakdown and destruction of their soul.Tracks such as There’s More of Us and Nationalism is Fun warn of how religious and political fervour can result in consequences which are much damaging to Humankind than may initially be perceived, though this is an album which leaves the listener to make their own judgements. With swathes of unconventional samples and waves of Moog alongside cutting-edge audio technology, as well as fractured buzzing guitars, the extreme views of the album’s protagonist are matched by the primal power of the music. With Aditya passionate about sharing his love for heavy electronic rock music with a young Indian audience often denied such pleasures, Merna is a project which is both fantasy and a glimpse at an artist determined to break down barriers.