A dazzling kaleidoscope of tracks make up the debut album from Mother Night…

Hailing from the Outer Hebridis and dubbed ‘Pagan Pop’, Mother Night’s debut album was always going to be at the more interesting end of the spectrum, and their full-length ‘A Lifetime of Uninhibited Pleasure’ doesn’t disappoint, with a slow-burning array of quality tracks.

Recent single and album opener ‘Not Ourselves’ is an immediate stand-out, showcasing the trio’s pop-sensibilities and burgeoning potential, and setting the tone for a record that sweeps along like a hazy summer night daydream. Dig deeper in to this glorious album and ‘The Shaman’, ‘The Lizard’ and ‘Milky White are all a delight amongst the nine tracks here

‘A Lifetime…’ is a softly understated and genuinely pleasurable listen, maybe not quite a lifetime’s worth yet, but it shows the trio’s huge potential and talent for laid-back, dreamy pop, and subtle melodies. What they do next will undoubtably be as interesting as what their debut has given us.