Mikey Mike releases Life On Earth Vol.1:

It’s been a long time coming but last Friday, L.A based musician Mikey Mike released his long anticipated debut album “Life On Earth Vol.1.”

Shortly after the release he stated on social media that he started the album five years ago and had been signed and dropped from a label during that time. He also shared that he had wrestled with the idea of leaving to “wander the Himalayas” during this period. Fans are thankful he stuck around to release the album; it’s been received with great appreciation and praise from fans and fellow musicians alike.

Mikey Mike’s music is fundamentally alternative/ indie but many of his records have a subtle Hip-Hop element to them such as “Doin` Me” which was released in 2017, one of his most popular songs which has gained millions of streams. He has a unique ability to add sharp and comedic wit to his music whilst also delivering an important and impactful message. Adding to his comedic persona, he flooded L.A with billboards bearing his mug-shot with messages such as “Have you seen this man? Owes 2.3 million in child support.” and many others alike. The marketing campaign coincided with the release of his singles “Mikey Likes It” and “Cooler”, he claimed to have received around 25000 calls and some of them even made it onto the album.

Individualism is an integral part of the music that Mike creates, not only sonically but also within his personal message. “Life on Earth” and “Strange times” each paint a vivid picture of his perceptions and experiences and are some of the more philosophical tracks on the album. His Peter Pan like character mixes well with his Alan Watts style observations, outwardly and introspectively, in a way that’s been rarely done in music, if at all.

In his own words:

Gigsoup reached out to Mikey Mike to see how it felt to finally have his album out there and this is what he had to say:

“It’s been about five years since I started this little window into my life and I’m pumped it’s out there now. I’m hoping people find it entertaining or useful to their own journey.”

Judging from feedback through fans he’s achieved just that. In September, Mikey Mike is going on a European tour which has already sold out in London, here are the dates.

Monday 16th September – Obaren/ Sturehof, Stockholm, Sweden

Wednesday 18th September – Hamburg, Germany

Friday 20th September – The Waiting Room, London, UK

Sunday 22nd September – Les Nautes, Paris, France

Monday 23rd September – Auster Club, Berlin, Germany

Wednesday 25th September – Acri Ohibo, Milan, Italy