Malik Djoudi Releases New Album ‘Tempéraments’

Malik Djoudi is a French artist who deals in making subtly expressive dream-pop confections. His music drifts between the ethereal and the blunt- merging ghostly vocals with an almost italo-disco heft.

Lead singles ‘Tempérament’ and ‘Belles sueurs’ were a tantalising first glimpse of the record, showing an artist in complete control of dynamics and textures, creating a sonic world that begged to be explored. Thankfully, ‘Temperaménts’ expands on this early promise showing an album full of beautiful textures and sounds.

Although the record is sung purely in French, the tone of the vocals translate a sense of deep yearning and melancholy that echoes across the record. This doesn’t mean the album is bleak, the bouncing synth arrangements recall artists such as Metronomy and Christine & The Queens- effortlessly blending melancholia and elastic synth-pop.

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