LUCY FELIZ Announces New Album Last of The Sun

Brighton-based artist and musician LUCY FELIZ has signed to Scottish independent label OK Pal Records for her second album, Last of The Sun. The record is set for release on 28th August 2020.

To celebrate the news, Feliz has revealed an official video for the album’s lead single, ‘Magic Hour’, which is out now on all good digital service providers.
For Feliz, the track is a mystic affair that conjures skipping school on the first warm day of summer to practice astral projection in a teenage bedroom. Aching to believe in something more magical than Catholic school and a conservative upbringing has to offer. Determined to transcend the day-to-day by any means necessary.
“When I was a child, the dressing up box was my favourite thing in the world,” Feliz explains of her penchant for the otherworldly. “I love shape-shifting. One time at primary school I brought an orange wig and glasses to class and announced my name was Charlie. My disguise failed pretty quickly…the Milkybar Kid gold rims didn’t pass for prescriptions in the 90s. I also walked around Gatwick zoo with an empty loo roll in my lycra shorts so I could try out being a boy. My parents received some looks that day.”