Keith Mosfet shares new album, “Superficial Hypocrite”

Keith Mosfet grew up in the Brantford & Hamilton, ON area playing in punk bands and 60s-esque music, but currently resides in Toronto. Mosfet isn’t really his last name – it stands for metal oxide silicon field effect transistor. Keith picked up the nickname while studying electronic engineering.

Keith’s new single “What can I do?” is an acoustic indie-pop track with arresting vocals inspired by stoicism and how it helped him come out of a dark place after losing his brother. You can find “What can I do?” as part of his newly released album.

Here is what Keith had to say about the release: “The process of creating this album was a bit of a slice of life for me. There were many ups and downs when it came to writing the material. I really found solace when it came to the actual creation of it all. Writing, mixing, recording. It all helped me deeply.”

You can stream the album in full below!

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