Japanese Psychedelia Band, Qujaku, Announce New Self-Titled LP

Qujaku, the Hamamatsu based Japanese psychedelic group – previously known as The Piqnic, have announced that they are to release a self-titled LP via So I Buried Records. ‘Qajaku’, their first album release since 2015’s ‘ZyouK’, have since spent the three years releasing three EP’s (‘KEIREN’, ‘H’ and ‘S’), whilst touring heavily throughout the UK and Europe, performing at various major European festivals including Fat Out Fest, Focus Wales and Raw Power. Through sounds that reverberate Japanese underground legends such as Keiji Haino and Les Rallizes Denudes, they often enticed crowds with their signature gothic styled melodies and bizarre, almost modern, tones of psychedelia.

Qajaku’s self-titled album is due for release on 16th August and will be available on vinyl format, which is limited to five-hundred copies. To coincide with this release, the group also announced a brief European tour which will take place over the summer, where they will performing at select shows throughout Europe and the UK.

16th August – Nottingham, UK / JT Soar

17th August – York, UK / The Crescent

18th August – Newcastle, UK / Head of Steam

19th August – Preston, UK / The PPL

22nd August – Birmingham, UK / Hare and Hounds

24th August – Cardiff, UK / HUB Festival

25th August – Leeds, UK / Chunk

26th August – Bristol, UK / The Old England

27th August – Brighton, UK / Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

28th August – Gent, BE / Trefpunt

31st August – Frankfurt, DE / ExZess

1st September – La Tour-de-Peilz, CH / Nox Orae Festival

3rd September – Budapest, HU / Dürer Kert

4th September – České Budějovice, CZ / TBC

5th September – Brno, CZ / Bajkazyl

6th September – Prague, CZ / Theremin

8th September – Brussels, BE / Magasin 4

9th September – London, UK / The Lexington


  1. Shoku No Hakumei
  2. Kami Ga Korosu
  3. ZyouK
  5. Ave
  6. Hadaka No Inochi
  7. Kagamie
  8. Yui, Hate No Romance
  9. Sweet Love of Mine

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