Human Pyramids, the exciting 16 strong ensemble orchestral project from multi-instrumentalist and Axes frontman Paul Russell, have announced their new album ‘Home’ will be released on 10th November via Three Mile Town Records.

‘Home’ will be a 12 piece album set to merge orchestral instrumentation across a range of genres from punk to electronica. With their debut album ‘Planet Shhh!’ received substantial national acclaim, we’re eagerly looking forward to what their second compilation has to offer.

Their new track ‘Louise’ is now out on Soundcloud – below

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Human Pyramids have already achieved national attention for their electrically optimistic live performances, a euphony of guitars, strings, brass and percussion fronted by Paul Russell’s relentless bounding enthusiasm.  Most recent performances across festivals such as Glastonbury, 2000 Trees and End of the Road have seen the addition of a choir with almost 50 people on stage at any one time.

The funding received from Creative Scotland has helped to make their second album a reality and allowed Paul to collaborate with his favourite musicians, arrangers and producers: “I flew up Danish drummer Allan Gunby to track drums with Graeme Young at Chamber Studios. I recorded guitars with Rod Jones from Idlewild in his beautiful Post Electric Studios. Pete Harvey taught me how to arrange for string quartet and we recorded his ensemble with Paul Savage at Chem19. I took a ferry across to a remote peninsula in Cornwall to work with Simon Dobson on brass arrangements and recorded Trumpet, Tuba and French Horn at his Dark Matter Studios.”

‘Home’ will be released on the 10th November on Three Mile Town Records (Worldwide) and on the Ricco Label (East/South East Asia).

To celebrate, Human Pyramids will launch their new album at The Lexington in London on October 27th with the full 16 ensemble taking part. Tickets are now available on See Tickets

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