Gizmo Varillas ‘Out Of The Darkness’

Spanish born and now London living, Gizmo Varillas has this week unveiled his infectious new album “Out Of The Darkness”. It follows 2017s El Dorado and 2018s Dreaming Of Better Days, and finds him in the finest of form.  

The last two years haven’t been the easiest for the London-based Spaniard, whose music effortlessly combines styles from across the world, drawing upon his multicultural background and then extending its horizons yet further. Quite apart from troubling situations in both his adopted home and his motherland, Varillas found himself battling his own issues while also making the difficult transition, as an independent artist, from part-time to full-time musician. “OUT OF THE DARKNESS”, he confesses, is a collection of songs about transformation, and about making it to the other side. This past year I’ve reflected a lot on the dark times I’ve overcome in my life. The theme came to me quite naturally.

But it’s a transition he has made effortlessly. Jam packed with a mixture of straight up pop music, indie-influenced pop and tracks sprinkled with his native Spanish flair, from beginning to end this 14 track collection is a highly enjoyable listen. “Love Over Everything” stands out as a hit single in waiting, it’s bassline destined to remain ingrained in your ear drums for weeks to come. “Saving Grace” delivers a dreamy, chilled-out afrobeat vibe, with the drumming on the track supplied by the late Tony Allen, legendary drummer for Fela Kuti. The funky “Born Again” will get your pulse racing and feet moving, while the Spanish language single “Danza De Sombras” shows his ability to use his Spanish roots in a way we can all enjoy. 

Pop hook filled from beginning to in, “Out Of The Darkness” is the most perfectly summer time album of 2020 to date. Well worth adding to your ‘must listen to’ pile.