'Frank Iero And The Patience' announce 'Parachutes' album

‘Frank Iero And The Patience’ announce ‘Parachutes’ album

Ex-My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero certainly has been busy lately, with the release of Death Spells‘ phenomenal debut album ‘Nothing Above, Nothing Below’ (July 29, 2016) and the seemingly endless touring. Yet, amazingly, Iero has somehow managed to find the time to squeeze in yet another musical release before the year is through.

Following the announcement back in May of an Australian tour, Frank Iero and the Cellabration – the musical project that brought us the outstanding ‘Stomachaches’ in mid-2014 – returned refreshed and revamped, with a slight change of name (the reason for which having been subject to speculation over the last few months). Now under the title ‘Frank Iero and the Patience’, and armed with a shiny new logo, the band is due to release a brand new album this October.

An official announcement was made today, but yesterday Iero advised his copious amount of Twitter followers to keep a look out ‘just in case someone jumps the gun.’ Soon afterwards, a track called ‘I’m A Mess’ found its way online – which has already received lots of positive feedback from fans –  along with the option to pre-order the impending album, which has been christened ‘Parachutes’.

Track list:

World Destroyer

Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!

I’m A Mess

They Wanted Darkness

I’ll Let You Down


Dear Percocet, I don’t Think We Should See Each Other Anymore.

Miss Me


The Resurrectionist, Or An Existential Crisis In C#

Viva Indifference


‘Parachutes’ is due for release on October 28 via Hassle Records.

'Frank Iero And The Patience' announce 'Parachutes' album
Frank Iero And The Patience ‘Parachutes’