This Adele article was written by Kelly Crichton, a GIGSoup contributor. Edited by Adam Skirving. Main photo by Alexandra Waespi.

Adele is no stranger to breaking a few records here-or-there, but she has more than outdone herself on her latest long-player: ’25’. Released on the 20th of November, Adele’s third studio album debuted at number one in the UK charts, selling 800,307 copies in its first chart week, overtaking Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’ to become the fastest-selling album of all time in the UK.

In the first ten days of its release, ’25’ managed to reach the one million copies sold mark: the fastest album to ever do so in UK history. The album’s lack of availability on streaming sources has been attributed with having a heavy impact on the amount of physical and digital sales.

’25’ has secured the broken for the most album downloads in a week, with sales of 252,000. This more than doubled the previous record of 95,709; held by Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’.

Remarkably, downloads were eclipsed by physical album sales which accounted for 68% of the total, that’s 543,000 CDs and 5000 vinyl in the first week alone. These figures have prompted suggestion that the CD is far from dead.

Already the biggest album of the year, the end of year sales will no doubt break even more records.

’25’ is out now via XL Recordings.

Adele’s '25' becomes fastest-selling album of all-time in the UK

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