DOOM announces first KMD album in 25 years

Enigmatic underground rapper DOOM has announced the release of the first KMD album in 25 years. Titled ‘Crack In Time’, it’s the first of multiple DOOM related projects that are believed to be on the way.

Although details regarding a release date have not been provided, a new track titled ‘True Lightyears’ featuring Jay Electronica has been shared. Part of the Adult Swin series of singles ‘The Missing Notebook Rhymes’, now in its second week, it promises fifteen new tracks from upcoming DOOM albums, as well as others he’s appearing on.

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The early 90s hip hop group featured DOOM (known as Zev Love X at the time) alongside his younger brother DJ Subroc and Onyx the Birthstone Kid (who replaced Rodan prior to the release of their first album). Following an appearance by Zev Love X on ‘The Gas Face‘ single off ‘The Cactus Album’ by 3rd Bass, KMD were signed to Elektra Records, with their debut album ‘Mr. Hood’ being released soon after in 1991.

However, the trio quickly dissolved in 1993 after the death of Subroc at the age of just 19 as he tried to cross a highway and the refusal of Elektra to release their follow-up album ‘Black Bastards’. The label deemed the album title and its Zev Love X designed cover art (featuring a Sambo caricature being hanged in a game of hangman) too offensive.

With the master tapes in hand and a $20,000 payoff, Zev Love X would take a break from hip hop for a few years, emerging again the late 90s as MF DOOM, arguably the greatest underground rapper of all time. ‘Black Bastards’ was widely bootlegged until it was given an official release on Sub-Verse Music in 2001.

Exactly who will be part of the new KMD line-up is as yet unknown, but you can check out the new track ‘True Lightyears’ featuring Jay Electronica below.