Plans have been announced to release David Bowie’s final recordings on vinyl.  Bowie’s ‘No Plan’ EP was first released digitally on what would have been Bowie’s 70th birthday; the EP collected together the radio edit of ‘Lazarus’ and three of Bowie’s final recordings – ‘Killing A Little Time’, ‘When I Met You’ and the titular ‘No Plan’.  The title track also received a music video, released on the same day.

Now, however, fans will be able to physically own the EP.  A CD version of ‘No Plan’ will be released on February 24th, whilst a 10″ vinyl version will hit shelves on April 21st.  For the more dedicated Bowie collectors, there’s also a limited edition white vinyl version that claims to be “made-to-order”.  The white vinyl edition isn’t out until May 26th, but its already sold-out through the official Bowie store, which may well be the only place selling it.

It isn’t the first time that these tracks have been released on physical media.  ‘Killing A Little Time’, ‘When I Met You’ and ‘No Plan’ all appeared on the cast recording version of Bowie’s musical, ‘Lazarus’.

You can see details of the EP and preorder it here.

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