Break open your piggy-banks, folks: the third in a series of extensive David Bowie boxsets has been announced – ‘A New Career In A New Town’, named after a cut from 1977’s seminal ‘Low’. The set – available on vinyl, CD and digital – collects together Bowie’s frankly godlike output from the five year stretch, with all four of his core studio albums from the era being included (that’s ‘Low’, ‘”Heroes”‘, ‘Lodger’ and ‘Scary Monsters’, for those asking) in addition to various rarities and not one but two versions of the excellent live album ‘Stage’.

Also included is the quirky ‘”Heroes”‘ EP – a collection of four edits of the titular song, sung in both German and French and a new 2017 remix of ‘Lodger’ by Tony Visconti. Quite why the album needs to be included in the set twice remains to be seen given the apparent quality of the original mix but if it sheds more light on a perennially underrated gem, then all is well.

Get the full details on the set here, including in depth tracklisting and photos. The set also includes an exclusive and rather heftily-sized book with text and exclusive photos.

David Bowie

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