Arcade Fire reveal ‘Everything Now’ tracklist

In line with the predictably unpredictable social media rollouts of 2017 album releases, Arcade Fire have shared the tracklist for upcoming album ‘Everything Now’ through a time-lapse video posted on all of their accounts. Beneath a billboard that both hides and simulates the mountaintop behind it, the song titles scroll to the left one by one in a bright-pink neon font.

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Everything Now: 28th July

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The announcement follows the activation of an official and very active Twitter account for the album (@EverythingNowCo) that earlier in the month tweeted out a series of humorous anagrams as a quasi-tracklist, resulting in a playful response from the main Arcade Fire account.

The band also teased a 30th June release date for next single ‘Signs of Life’ shortly before the big post.

‘Everything Now’ Tracklist, as per the Google Play pre-order page:

  1. ‘Everything_Now (continued)’
  2. Everything Now
  3. ‘Signs of Life’
  4. Creature Comfort
  5. ‘Peter Pan’
  6. ‘Chemistry’
  7. ‘Infinite Content’
  8. ‘Infinite_Content’
  9. ‘Electric Blue’
  10. ‘Good God Damn’
  11. ‘Put Your Money On Me’
  12. ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’
  13. ‘Everything Now (continued)’

Everything Now will be available 28th July via Columbia Records, backed up by an extensive tour throughout Europe and North America.