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Are the Rolling Stones about to record a new album?

Are the Rolling Stones to hit the studio for 2017 release?

The UK’s most notable rockers are set to hit the studios again in time for a Christmas 2017, to record their first full album since 2005.

With a cool £2 million laid out on offer for yet another album, a live compilation is the plan for 2017, with Christmas being the target release date. This is to be followed up with a studio LP, coinciding with the end of their upcoming European tour, which starts this September in Hamberg, Germany.

When the tour dates were released some homeland fans were left a little disgruntled, which led to a promising message from the band as they tweeted: “Sorry to our UK fans there are no UK dates on this, due to lack of available venues because of sporting fixtures. Hope to be here in 2018”

Their last album, ‘Blue and Lonesome’, only released last year, is a collection of blues covers which went straight to the top of the charts. Therefore, you’d be excused for heavily backing the yet to be titled 2017 album doing the same.

A source close to the have been heard saying: “Both Mick and Keith would rather be carried off stage in a coffin than give up their great love – writing and making music.

“They were experimenting in the studio earlier this year, and everything just gelled. They ended up with around 15 tracks which they have cut down to album-length, and when the label execs heard it they were thrilled.

“Age is no barrier to brilliant music, and there is no doubt the new stuff will sell.”

On Friday Keith was asked the important question on YouTube channel ‘Ask Keith Richards’, where he is heard seemingly confirming the above news – see below

Let’s hope all this hype is true and that the UK will get to see their much loved musical institution in 2018?

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