Alan Parsons Prepares To Release New Solo Album ‘The Secret’

Having sprung to fame as lead engineer credited with having an impact on the sound of Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side Of The Moon in 1973, Alan Parsons has progressed over the course of 46 years.

From heading up the powerhouse progressive rock project The Alan Parsons Project dropped a string of hit albums, before the ‘project’ label was dropped and Parsons’ style became even more varied. His last album A Valid Path is soon to be 15 years old and is a venture into electronica, while The Secret continues to blend genres, with a return to his more traditional progressive, symphonic pop-rock.

In preparation for the album, dropping April 26th, 2019, Parsons has unveiled the lead single from the album, ‘Miracle’, recorded alongside iconic pop singer Jason Mraz. While they were never in the same studio at the same time, Mraz has a long standing connection to Parsons, stating ‘’Eye In The Sky’ is a song I have a very early memory of, strapped in the backseat of my mom’s green Fiat, 1982. Alan Parsons is on the radio and I’m singing along, harmonizing. That sound of rich harmony over magical words would stick with me for my whole life and ultimately become what my own career is about, trying to solve universal quandaries through song craft’.

Other than Mraz’s appearance on ‘Miracle’, the album sees an appearance from ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett (an interview with whom, you can see here!), as well as virtuosic ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro. Parsons himself contributes vocals, guitars and keys throughout, as well as conducting the strings of the Music Recording Orchestra Of Hollywood.

The band’s US tour continues from now until late June, while The Secret will be out on April 26th. Be on the lookout for GIGsoup’s review!