This AC/DC article was written by Kallem Morris a Gigsoup contributor

Phil Rudd , the longtime drummer, of rock band AC/DC has today lost his appeal against an 8 month home detention order after being convicted of drug possession and threatening to kill in July 2015.

Rudd took his appeal to the High Court in his hometown of Tauranga, New Zealand believing he could get off without conviction. his lawyer Craig Tuck has said that “all his client was basically  guilty of was making an angry phone call to an employee following the commercial failure of his 2014 debut solo album Head Job.”

In November 2014 Rudd was first charged with hiring a hitman to kill two unnamed people but the case was dropped due to insufficient evidence against him. The court hearing was then rescheduled where the new case of threatening to kill was brought forward.

Justice Raynor Asher said during the trial “First, the band would have to want him to play with them,”  alluding to the band’s 2014 declaration that Rudd’s participation would not affect their tour plans. “Second, the convictions would have to operate as a barrier to him traveling with them on tour. Neither are certain. It is far from clear that, at the time when the offending took place, there was any place in the band available to Mr. Rudd, given his drug addiction and state of mind.

AC/DC Drummer loses conviction appeal

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