Photo by Donna Coombs Photography

ACCIDENT/HAPPY are back with summer punk bop: ‘Dirty Notes on Bathroom Walls’

Sometimes it takes years of being without something or someone to really appreciate how much of a good thing they are. This is certainly the case with Leeds band ACCIDENT/HAPPY who have released their first single in three years: ‘Dirty Notes on Bathroom Walls’ featuring slaying guitar and vocals from the sensational Richard Hadley from State of Error. A track with absolute bop written all over it is exactly everything you need to blast yourself back into life this summer: ultimate head-banging drums, sassy riffs and wickedly infectious vocals from Dan Dunn.

And as if this weren’t enough, ACCIDENT/HAPPY enlisted the help of their fans to create the music video, which features their most epic lockdown dance moves and boy, did they deliver! This charmingly homemade video is quite simply the best pick-me-up and if you’re not dancing along to this song too, then you’re not doing it right.

What promises to be only the beginning of a new chapter for the punk outfit, we are more than excited to see where this new venture takes us.

‘Dirty Notes on Bathroom Walls’ is out on May 29th 2020.