WOOHAH Festival, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 14th July 2019 (Sunday)

Header photo by Erik Luyten.

After a long weekend of sweaty dancing and some quality hip-hop, GIGsoup cycled their way back to the lakeside for one final day of ridiculousness. WOOHAH 2019 really felt like it came into its own on Sunday. Packed pathways of whooping punters snaked their way around the site and, as per usual, the thumping din of bass was all around.

Straight into the fray was Skepta on the main stage. GIGsoup had the pleasure of seeing the ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ rapper in his home borough of Tottenham last month (see Field Day review here), but his WOOHAH daytime set benefited from much better sound quality and a larger space in which to dance. For whatever reason, urban festivals in the UK all suffer the same malady of bad sound quality. Having to be right next to the main stage to hear anything is a sure-fire sign that things have gone wrong on the production side. At WOOHAH, every word of ‘Shutdown’, ‘Greazemode’ and ‘That’s Not Me’ could be heard, clear as crystal.

Next up was JID, one of J.Cole’s Dreamville protégé’s and one of potentially the most exciting rappers of the moment. A massive crowd arranged themselves in the Desert Stage tent, bristling in anticipation. Chants of “J.I.D!!” could be heard from huge distances around, and you could see plenty of Dreamville shirts amongst the crowd. WOOHAH never lacked for energy. Gone was the English lethargy that GIGsoup is used to, replaced with a group of young people who were totally participatory in the experience they were having, and with the music they were listening to.

Paying homage to the history of music, and to his present work, he was very complimentary of the crowd of enthusiastic onlookers:

“I know y’all working hard, supporting your families and everything. I respect that, you’re all doing your best!”

Back to the main stage and to “the best boyband since One Direction”, BROCKHAMPTON.

The group bounced around their multileveled stage set up, cupped gently by two giant blue hands. Clad in metallic space suits (echoing their Governers Ball performance where they appeared out of a SPACESHIP!) the group chirped through hits such as ‘GOLD, ‘BOOGIE’ and ‘BLEACH’. Some audience members could even be seen rocking matching BROCKHAMPTON boilersuits. The same individuals could be seen sleepily propped up against a tree at the end of the day.

Last, but certainly not least, was the much-anticipated headliner, Travis Scott. Since his classic mixtapes ‘Days Before Rodeo’ and ‘Rodeo’ Scott has become a household name in the world of trap, and his latest album ‘Atroworld’ helped further break him into the mainstream with it’s single ‘Sicko Mode’ featuring Drake. His closing set at WOOHAH featured fire, neon carousels, and a throwback set of trap bangers, including ‘Antidote’, ‘Pick Up The Phone’ and ‘Goosebumps’. He finished off his set with the aforementioned ‘Sickomode’, driving an already whipped up crowd into a frenzy.

Photo by Lotte Schrander.

And there you have it! Finished for another year, punters trudged back to their tents, or back to their bikes for the long journey home. WOOHAH is a paradise for those who love trap, hip-hop or any of the thousands of genres that span from them. GIGsoup hopes to be back next year for WOOHAH 2020!