Whiskerman by Andy Hoffman

Whiskerman Delve into the ‘Belly of the Beast’ with New Single

This band must be something else to see live! Oakland, USA’s Whiskerman are back with their first album in four years. Lead single “Belly of the Beast” is a manic trip, bringing to mind contemporaries like The Libertines and The Veils. It’s easy to focus on frontman Graham Patzner. But don’t sleep on those fuzzy guitars and killer licks. Kingdom Illusion gets unleashed the 6th of March.

Whiskerman is a rock-and-roll overture to the great unraveling. Over the last 7 years the Oakland band has developed an underground reputation for tackling the sublime with their ambitious songwriting, thunderous stage show, and acute lyricism. They have since emerged as an engine of the Bay Area’s revitalized psychedelic and festival scenes. Patzner, who will crow like a medicine show preacher and then coo you into the arms of his lovesick eternity, might be a spitfire protege of the underworld himself, though, through and through he will remind you that there is no rapture without artistry. On the surface this is splendid rock-and-roll, rooted in the classic, psych and glam rock tradition, but the pageantry and chaos of Whiskerman’s performances will leave you describing an experience more than a sound. 

Whiskerman is preparing to release their fourth studio album, Kingdom Illusion—a rock and roll vision quest that ushers the band’s elegiac psychedelia toward a louder, pushier, more colorful sound.