UK Karate Leader Takes Next Steps in Music Career with New Single ‘Tell Me’

UK karate leader, actor, model and musician Amrit Ghatore has recently released his brand new single ‘Tell Me’. 

Amrit takes the classic pop formula and turns it on its head by infusing traditional Indian elements, creating a truly unique and interesting track. ‘Tell Me’ is no different, mixing guitar, electronic, and dilruba (Traditional Indian Instrument) Amrit takes the listener on a sonic journey of East meets West. The track features a catchy hook, use of different drums (both eastern and western) which drives the song forward, adding texture to the track. 

Forever on the move, the 28-year old Londoner is also a signed model, previously working with the likes of Harrods. When not working on his music or modeling Amrit can be found in the dojo as a martial arts instructor. This has led him into the world of film and tv, most recently he has performed stunt work for Idris Elba on the Sky Atlantic show Guerilla. With this kind of interesting lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that Amrit is now a growing social media star with over 32k followers. 

Amrit started honing his songwriting abilities at the age of 15 writing Pop songs, but it was learning holy hymns at home which inspired him to learn the dilruba and include it in his music.  Incorporating the discipline used in his karate training to keep pushing forward, Amrit credits music with unfolding a more tender side to the hard exterior which initially shaped his martial arts career. 

By using Pop as the bedrock for his songwriting technique and weaving in different elements and instruments from his Indian roots,  Amrit’s songs truly represent him and the two countries he is bound to.