Drawing from decades of friendship and shared experiences, Jon Sortland (The Shins), Tahiti Pehrson (paper cut artist*) and Jason Clark (The Pleased) have created a collection of songs that put modern heartache and longing into a 90’s rocket that’s been launched straight into an early MTV video. Because of this, TLA can trace its roots to the band member’s youth as outcasts in a small town united through skateboarding, punk rock, New Wave and British music.

Long-time friends and collaborators Miguel Aldana and Genaro Vergoglini (The Pleased) complete the think tank. Embracing pure, from the gut creativity and stream of consciousness songcrafting, TLA songs are written and recorded in non-traditional, anything goes, brainstorming recording sessions.

TLA “Forty Years”

“Forty Years” is the latest impossible to describe single. But I’ll try. If Depeche Mode went for a more indie-rock sound and let Martin Gore play his damned guitar, you might scratch the surface of TLA. But just barely. They’re mysterious and they’re good with that. New Language will release the 1st of November on the Los Angeles label, Dowd Records.

*I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking it too. A paper cut artist makes art, by making strategic cuts into paper. I searched Pehrson on the web and found his site, with some really amazing stuff on there. Check it out in your spare time “here”:http://www.tahitipehrson.com

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