Take Five .. with Gavin James

Gavin James is a singer-songwriter from Ireland. A billion of us across the world have streamed his songs.  He has shared the stage with Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran.

Welcome Gavin – thanks for taking time out to talk to us today.

Let’s start by asking how was Lockdown for you?

It stared out with an intention to write a million songs, but that soon turned into watching Tiger king and cooking 🙂 But that soon changed as I had my new single ‘Boxes’ to focus on so that has kept me busy as well as lots of live streams. 

Please tell the story behind the new single ‘Boxes’

Boxes is about not letting anyone wake you up from your dreams and goals, keep focused on you and not the negative words of others. When in school I was told I would never make it as a musician, but that’s all I wanted so I kept focused. 

What inspired you to become a songwriter? 

My Grandfather – he was a comedian and entertainer. I grew up watching him on the stage or TV and being around him made being a musician such a natural route.  

If your life was TV programme, what show would it be?

That’s a great question, no idea… Friends 🙂 

Tell us more about your involvement with ‘Live at the Drive In’ 

It was a drive in tour of Ireland that was to be happening now, it sold 11K tickets but the government decided it was not possible due to Covid, extremely disappointing. 

Quick Fire Questions 

Patience or Pursue – Pursue

Winter or summer – Winter 

Sofa or armchair – Sofa

Tea or Toast – Tea

Colin Farrell of Colin Firth – Colin Farrell