Take 5: ELA

ELA (pronounced ‘Ella’) is an emerging new artist who writes from her core and sings from her soul. The Welsh London-based singer-songwriter is an experienced recording artist for TV drama and is now embarking on releasing her own material with a forthcoming E.P. ‘Unfurl’ which will be released later in the year. The first single from the E.P. is the chilled and upbeat ‘Our Summer’ – out now. This is a very busy and talented artist – we decided to find out more with a Take 5….

When did you realise that you wanted to be a music artist? What or who has inspired you? 

I’ve always been a singer and performer, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago I realised I wanted to create and write my own songs which came about after the opportunity I had whilst singing for the BBC One hit drama series, Keeping Faith/Un Bore Mercher. My co-writer and producer, Ian Barter also got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to write an EP with him. I jumped at the opportunity and here we are! I’m inspired everyday by the people I’m surrounded by as well as nature and travelling. 

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

Amy Winehouse. She’s been a hero of mine since I can remember. Her music is timeless and I can only imagine how amazing it would have been to write, chat and laugh with her. My co-writer, Ian Barter, used to play guitar for Amy Winehouse. It would be amazing not only to see them jam but also get involved myself. 

Tell us about your single – ‘Our Summer’-  what is the song about? 

Our Summer is about the best three months of my life – my travels last year with my partner. We explored the world and created some of the best memories. The song is about how down we both felt once we returned home as we knew we probably won’t experience those times again. But no matter how down we get, when he looks at me, it always reminds me of “Our Summer” together. It’s about young love and how Summer isn’t just a season but a feeling and how that one special person can bring you that summery feeling which you can’t quite describe but it’s just a sunny happiness inside. 

Tell us five things you love about the city/town you live in (London), and why……

  • The people – Londoners are renowned for their outgoing personalities, their love for booze n food and are always up for a good time. Although I’m Welsh and miss home a lot, Londonders always manage to make me feel at home.
  • The music scene – London has raised old and new global superstars such as Freddie Mercury, Adele, and Stormzy and is the music capital of fruition. The talent that has emerged from this city says it all. 
  • The culture – everyone’s accepted here and you get to meet so many different people every day. You’re never truly ‘alone’ in London. It’s definitely a city that never sleeps and there’s no other place like it – there’s a unique quality about this city which I love.
  • The food – I love my food and I adore the small independent restaurants dotted throughout London. You can never get bored of the endless choice of deliciousness.
  • The ambition – to me, everyone in London is driven. Each individual has a story of why they’re in London, what they want to achieve and how they’re going to get there. It’s the city for the arts, the entrepreneurs and overall the grafters. We’re a huge group of people who work hard and play harder.

What are you most looking forward to this year? 

Releasing and writing more music and hopefully some gigging once out of lockdown. It’s a difficult time to emerge as an artist but I’m determined to make it happen and bring more music to your ears. Our Summer is just the start. I’ll be releasing my EP, ‘Unfurl’ which has a few surprises in it. Every single song is so different but what’s special about each song is that I have written them all based on personal experiences. One of them is about when I played a drinking game with my boyfriend and how it did not end well, whilst others are about really painful experiences in my life but how I am now healed from them.