Badminton consider their music ‘sad alt rock’ (think The Black Foxxes, Death Cab For Cutie) but I guarantee once you hear them and see them live, you will have nothing but a smile on your face.  They tick all the boxes, emotionally and sonically.  Recent support slots of Glass CavesFickle Friends and Dirty Hit Records’ own King Nun, who described them as ‘absolutely sick’, have confirmed this.  The single “I Was You Were” is the next track to be taken from the recent EP TRY GETTING A RESERVATION AT DORSIA NOW.  It’s an enchanting upbeat affair; with a sweet guitar hook and reverberating drums, it sweeps you in and gets you on your feet. Want to know more about the band? Time for a Take 5…..

When did you realise that you wanted to do what you do? What or who has inspired you?

We all started playing music when we were young, probably around eleven or twelve. I think a lot of musicians have a moment when they first start playing and jamming with their friends that something just sounds really cool and this buzz washed over you. We’ve all had those moments and it’s about that time we realised it’s something we really want to do. It’s a feeling we’ve not really lost and can’t imagine doing anything else now.

We were all inspired by different bands and artists, but I guess we all grew up liking 90s and early 00s alternative stuff. It’s hard to pin down any specific band as an inspiration but there was a lot of pop punk, indie, metal and emo stuff.

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

I think someone like Tom DeLonge as we all listened to a lot of Blink-182 when we were younger. Even if he’s more interested in aliens than music these days, we think he has an interesting voice that would sound good on our music.

Although having said that it may be cool to work with someone a bit more electronic like Amber Bain (The Japanese House) – her production is just really beautiful and her voice is dreamy.

Tell us all about your single ‘I Was You Were’ and the EP ‘TRY GETTING A RESERVATION AT DORSIA NOW’

The riff from ‘I Was, You Were’ was actually lifted from a song Tom and Robbie wrote when they were both 16 – We think it actually works a lot better on this track than the old one though. It was cool because it all came together in a dingy basement and we recorded it on an iPhone about a week before we went into the studio.

Lyrically we don’t want to give too much away because we like leaving the option of it being open to interpretation, but we think it shouldn’t be too hard to decode. Check out the video if you need any more hints.

The EP is kind of a collection of themes. All of the songs were written over the course of about a year and in different circumstances. Lyrically the songs are all quite melancholy in contrast to candy instrumental parts.

Tell us five interesting or exciting things about Leeds – what do we need to know?

1. There’s a cool music scene with loads of great bands to check out and funky venues to visit like Brudenell Social Club.

2. There are loads of art, music, film and dance schools across the city which is awesome because it means there’s so much creativity being pumped out.

3. There are plenty of nice outdoor spaces to get away from the city – Meanwood Valley (where Robbie lives) supposedly inspired The Shire from Lord of the Rings.

4. We all love food and there’s loads of great places to eat – you can get a mighty fine roast at The Brunswick which is also where we shot our new video.

5. We all live here, so if that’s not interesting and exciting I don’t know what is.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Hopefully we’ll be playing a load of shows over the UK and a tour or two would be nice. We’ve also got a truck load of new tunes we want to get recorded and released. Keep your eyes peeled.