Sam Nardella Is Rewinding Time With His New Song, “Through The Need”

Sam Nardella might not be a name you’ve heard before, but hearing his new single, “Through the Need,” you’d recognize where he’s going. A through and through rock throwback to the 1990’s, “Through the Need” shows off not only Sam’s talent as a musician but also the down to earth spirit you saw in those 90’s rockers. From the lyrics of this track, and the echoing chorus “Through the need of my life,” you can hear someone who’s fighting for everything he has and ready to fight even harder for his dreams.

His sound and vibe inspired by those 90’s Brit-pop stars, like U2 and Oasis, Sam Nardella is bringing back that nostalgia by recapturing that feeling of letting go. A lot of that feeling hinges on Sam’s voice, and man does it deliver. The instrumentation and the production are also there to emulate that expansive rock sound, but it all sonically support Sam and lets his singing steal the show. You can hear his unwavering strength in his voice, but surprisingly it manages to sound like he has even more power hidden away. Hopefully, that’s something we’ll hear from Sam Nardella in the future, cause he’s got more music to make. 

Sam Nardella is an up and coming singer-songwriter hailing from Boston. Facing the struggles of working odd hours and living in a dark basement storage room, Sam found inspiration and solace in Rock n’ Roll and the great outdoors. Coining himself as a mellowed out version of Kings of Leon, Sam’s influences of the 90s and beyond are present in his music. Sam’s songs come from a place of struggle and he wants to inspire his listeners to dream.  Sam recruited friends from his hometown to bring life to demos he wrote in a garage in Los Angeles. The songs combat the struggle of his immediate situation and give voice to the dreamer inside.