This little number came out of nowhere over the holidays. At just two minutes in length, Ruark’s (like Rourke) “When You Coming Home” is refreshingly innocent. It’s not a perfect song (what’s a perfect song, anyway?). The production quality is not great. But Ruak Inman’s voice shares a great deal with Bob Dylan. And the unorthodox drums can get addictive. The more we listen to the song, the we’re lead to believe that they really don’t give a damn that we think the production is weak. Maybe this is the vision they imagined from the onset.

Ruark Inman and his band are from South Arkansas. Their music consists of engaging original songs. The band is influenced by folk rock with dashes of every other genre one could imagine. Their first album is called When You Coming Home, and they are playing shows to support it. The members of the band are Ruark on guitar and vocals, Alexa Joyce on bass and backing vocals, and Jeffery Scott Greer on drums and backing vocals.

“When You Come Home”, from the band’s debut LP of the same name, is out now on Bird Drop Records. You could do a lot worse than spend two minutes of your day with this Arkansas three-piece.

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