Raphaela Gilla Unveils the Dreamy “Star Song”

Raphaela Gilla comes from a world unfamiliar to many. She seeks to transcend the definition of music as purely an art form, marrying it with spirituality and the divine. Born and raised in Israel helps explain this power she holds, and her diverse cultural background influences her singing. This background helps inform her unique stylings, in which the listener can expect angelic, and often meditative melodies. Her brand new single “Star Song” epitomizes this in its intention of revitalizing inter-human connection, as well as connection with the universe.

The song won’t necessarily grab you, you’ll turn it on, and without realizing it, it will slowly engulf you. It sounds almost like an adult Disney track––the kind of tune that everyone loves, but some people might not like to admit. In a meta sense, the entrancing, ethereal background almost feels like space, like while listening to it you are really dancing with the stars and planets. “Remembering the love within your heart that grows and shows me the way to a star that shines right one me,” Gilla sings, imploring us to reconnect with ourselves and the love radiated by those around us. Especially now, in such an isolating time, we could all learn to take her advice, let go of petty things, and focus more on the love emitted by those around us.