Primyl Vinyl Take ‘Baby Steps’ Towards Success

With a debut national radio play coming on Planet Rock next Monday, the band have already glimpses of their potential and the recognition they deserve.

Formed whilst they were at university in Liverpool, Matt (lead vocals and guitar), and Steve (vocals and lead guitar) and Nahum (drums and backing vocals) effortlessly create a huge, stadium worthy sound, with thunderous drums, biting guitars and earworm melodies.

Primyl Vinyl create their songs as both a unifying experience for their fans and to help deal cathartically with individual mental health issues, as well as wider social anxieties. The new single ‘Baby Steps’ fuses their love of rock with a message to stay grounded, whatever is happening around you. As Matt Says:

Having witnessed first-hand the internal mental battles of two people very close to me, I started to write more consciously to open this topic up – to make it feel more normal to discuss; to make our gigs feel like a sanctuary to reflect and then to forget it for 40 minutes. Music has to mean something to somebody, or else what is the point?

Listen to the new single Baby Steps below!