Polo and Pan – Printworks, London, UK 14th March 2019

Photos provided by Listen Up Biz.

Polo and Pan are riding a wave. After selling out Oval Space last November, they were back in London to another sold-out crowd. Taking to the stage to the sounds of whoops and cheers, they opened with ‘Abysee’. The giant screens behind showing off their loveable children’s colouring book art style. Their smooth, energetic and whimsical show, combined with a warm light display,  came together to visually showcase Polo and Pan’s playful style.

This was further embodied in the form of a live flautist. A feature not typically present at live house gigs. Coming out during ‘Bakara’, he helped give depth and fullness to the song’s high pitched melody. Which, along with the flautists enthusiastic dancing, soon helped the crowd get moving.

Photo Coutesy of Listen Up

The fun continued with a children’s game and well loved track, ‘Jacquadi, (French Simon says for the uninitiated). Pan (the brown haired one) led their characteristic rendition of the game getting everyone to slowly to get down low. While the bass and melodies went round and round. As the set built up to a climax at the beginning of the encore, Polo, (the curly haired one), left Pan on decks and lept, (or maybe it was more of cautious climb), into the crowd. Crowdsurfing away and back again to take over the decks before heading into the finale with ‘Canopee’.

For a show with already great visuals this song had the strongest. It was easy to get lost in the constantly changing desert and underwater visual show. Pan also took this chance to show off his singing and dancing. Performing alongside an elegant female dancer and singer. It was great end to an amazing show.

Leaving Printworks, it’s difficult to think of any other electronic artist who has such a whimsical and playful vibe. With everything from the childlike illustration visuals to the bouncy high pitched melodies.It’s the type of music, and show, where if a jungling unicyclist along came on stage followed by a contortionist on top an elephant. It would almost feel like a natural part of the show. Style was the name of the game. And Polo and Pan have it in spades.