Photo: Karen Aleksa

Parker Longbough Sends Out an “Avalanche Beacon”

Sometimes a song take some time to embed itself into your conscience. And sometimes a song like Parker Longbough’s “Avalanche Beacon” gets stuck in your so quickly, you find yourself humming it before it even ends. The juxtaposition between the poppy melodic guitars and the droll, almost spoken word vocals has me in slacker ’90s heaven.

Those fuzzy guitars and stiff truths make up the heart of Green and Gold/Drink the Hemlock, the fourth full length album from Parker Longbough. Like many indie rock veterans, Parker Longbough, the recording name of Anchorage native Matthew Witthoeft, has been doing this for a while. His 2006 debut, Commander Comatose, was well-received, receiving accolades from the likes of NPR and the then-nascent blogging community. He has been growing up and writing albums about it along the way, making music that people immediately connected to, making music that in many ways sounded familiar.

Green and Gold/Drink the Hemlock is an album about growing up, about your life changing, about your sense of humor never changing. It is a portrait of those of us who grew up with our banged-up Chucks pushed against a subwoofer, who dreamed of leaving, who would now never dream of leaving. It sounds like something you know, but for a time in your life that you never knew was possible.