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American Pop-Punk band ‘One Headlight High’ are releasing their new single ‘Catch Onto Us’ worldwide today (Friday 25th October) here on GIGsoup. One Headlight High have toured extensively throughout the US supporting the likes of Jefferson Starship,  The Charlie Daniels Band and Smile Empty Soul along with playing at the Kansas City stop of global shoe brand  Vans Warped Tour in 2015.  

Known for their driving energetic guitar riffs and consciously thought out lyrics, ‘Catch Onto Us’’ is no exception.  The video, released just in time for Halloween is a black and white comedy-horror set in an old farmhouse. The video quickly takes a turn for the worst, as lead singer Kiefer wages murder on his fellow bandmates via a number of ketchup coated killing scenes. With subtle references to classic horror movies like The Shining, along with comedic interludes, the video showcases the band’s animated personalities and builds on the band’s infectious sense of mischief and fun.

We caught up with the American Pop-Punk band to talk about their premiere and Halloween themed video for ‘Catch Onto Us’. The Midwest band have released a trippy video full of dark humor and slapstick. One thing’s for sure. this band rock out and do it well. Check out their brand new video and interview!

Hi guys welcome to GIGsoup, How have you been? 

Thank you, GIGsoup! We’ve been well. Very busy practicing, writing and trying to get this music video and single hyped up and out there. 

Can you talk to us about your latest single ‘Catch Onto Us’  

Catch Onto Us is kind of the perfect example of how our sound and style has progressed over the years with these new songs. If you listen to our old stuff, nothing really quite sounds like it. It’s all us for sure but it’s evolved over the years. 

What inspired you to write the song? 

Generally, with our writing process, it all starts out with a guitar riff or drum beat. This one Danny played the intro riff and we took it from there to transform it into what it is today. That’s how most of our material gets made and is more or less our process. One guy will come to practice with an idea and we will all mess around with it and put our own touch and personalities to it until we come up with something we like and are proud of. 

The video is great fun, and extremely tongue and cheek, what was it like filming it? 

It was an absolute blast filming the video for Catch Onto Us. We were able to use Ethan’s childhood home, which may as well have been Duston’s too, where we used to make so many other films when we were little ones. But bringing in AJ Cruz to direct/film and Zach Bailey to film added a whole new level of excitement to everything. We have to give a ton of credit to them. He was able to take this ridiculous idea and put it into a story. Not only did he do that, he was also able to keep us on task throughout the filming process. I think we were all having too much fun squirting each other with fake blood and coming up with dumb ideas on the spot than actually accomplishing anything. During filming we actually joked around and decided we don’t even want to write music anymore, just make videos. We’d 100% do it again, and maybe we already have plans to…?

I’ve noticed that the video references from classic horror films, can you run us through them for any we might have missed? 

The original idea started just as a 1920s murder mystery type video. The shower scene from Psycho was kind of how we wanted all of the violence to come across. And AJs ideas for the cut scenes work out hilariously great. 

I’ve got to ask, how many bottles of ketchup were sacrificed in the making of the video? 

There were zero bottles of ketchup sacrificed in the making of this film. No animals were harmed, no diseases spread, all government agencies are happy. We really probably only used maybe a gallon of fake blood. The only thing that may have been sacrificed was, Bri’s, our makeup artist, the entire day. But did you see how good we look? A million thanks to Bri Wallace! 

What are your main influences as a band and how have they impacted your writing style? 

I think our main influence in the band is just having a release from the “real world” so to speak. We all have jobs or are going to school and that’s all fine but when the five of us get together and start playing music none of that other stuff really matters. We get to let go of that and do something that clears our heads and makes us happy. We live in a small community and it’s kind of amazing that we’re all from this rural area and found each other and have common thoughts and goals and the drive to do something and get better. As far as how it’s impacted our writing style we love to bring high energy instrumentation, it’s just what we do. We all grew up listening to rock music, pop/punk, emo, metal and I think it shows in our writing. I wanna say that most of our lyrics at least for these last 5 songs we just recorded are about growth and self-realization, about living in the moment, using every opportunity as a learning situation, but also not taking yourself too seriously. 

Does the new single mean we can expect more new material – how’s that coming along? 

Absolutely you can expect more new material! When we went into the studio to record ‘Catch Onto Us’ we also recorded 4 other songs that we plan to release. We’re not sure exactly when yet but I’d say in the near future be looking out for maybe another single and did I mention maybe another music video? Maybe? We are also always writing new material. We got back from recording these 5 songs and immediately wrote another one we wish we would’ve been able to record during the same session. But there’s always time. So yes, more to come and hopefully much more. 

( what is the release date and title? 

The release date for the rest is currently under investigation 😉

Are you guys planning on hitting the road in the near future? 

We don’t currently have any plans to tour at the moment. We have a few shows setup around the Midwest. We plan on booking more shows to support the release of this single and the tracks to follow. 

What’s next for One Headlight High? 

We’re hoping to get this single and music video out and start playing more shows in Omaha, Lincoln, Kansas City and surrounding areas. Our short term hopes are to open for bigger national touring acts that are coming through the Midwest. Our longer-term goals are to be involved in some festival circuits and hopefully if all goes well, we could maybe squeeze in a tour or two. 

Thank you so much for your time and for having us around for an interview

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