Nekrogoblikon – 10th January, 2020 – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Who would have thought that goblins can be so much fun? The band Nekrogoblikon from sunny LA is spreading the message of how goblins can save our lives with rock and roll. One can expect nothing more from a band with six musicians and a goblin running around the stage but don’t be fooled. Of course stage presence is a huge part of their likability but music is also extremely good, catchy and with interesting story telling.

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Nekrogoblicon created theor own world with goblins and other mythical creatures to spice up our too ordinary stressful world. Set list was written on a paper bag filled with fruits such as easy peelers, apples and grapes, that were thrown to the audience. Some passionate fans were attending the gig and were dressed as goblins. Ironically the band has a song named “Dressed as goblins”. Terrific sense of humour and self awareness put smiles on everyone’s faces throughout the night. Songs such as “Darkness”, “Dragons” and “Magic Spider” created a buzz and the roof of Rescue Rooms was definitely shaken. The level of entertainment of Nekrogoblikon deserves to be experienced by bigger crowds and venues. They showed that goblins can certainly be our friends and bring laughs and motivation to our lives. Listen to their music on Spotify:

Photo credit: Alina Salihbekova –