Lucky Chops + Moon Hooch, KOKO, Camden (9th July 2018)

Images by Andy Sturmey.

Under KOKO’s disco ball, a surprisingly lively Monday night crowd were treated to an evening of wonderfully unconventional music. Headliners Lucky Chops and support Moon Hooch use brass to create a unique sound experience. And let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with a bit of brass. Both groups have a history of performing their strange brand of dancey brass-led funk to small crowds in their native New York City Subway stations and bring a special kind of flair to their live shows.

Moon Hooch rocketed into viral fame with their Tiny Desk Concert performance (see below), which shows off the group using their signature traffic cone attachments onto their saxophones to create an amplified bass tone. Their set saw them rehearse their Love Supreme performance at The Roundhouse, with their new EP ‘Light It UP’ providing the backbone of their show. Always uplifting, always slightly odd, the group never fail to deliver a strange sonic experience. Amongst the brass and driving jazz-influenced rhythm, their use of effects pedals colored their music to create an almost heavy-metal atmosphere.

And then, there was Lucky Chops. With a much brighter sound, the group are all positivity. Utilizing a full brass section and drums, their show never let up its pace, racing along at a breakneck speed. Constantly bouncing, constantly moving, its refreshing to see such a young group so obviously excited in the music that they make. Delivering funky, silly covers of classics such as Michael Jacksons ‘I Want You Back’ and James Brown’s ‘I Feel Good’, the group sent a wiggle through the room. Enigmatic frontman Josh Holcombe looked like a man possessed as he led the proceedings with his trombone.

Lucky Chops were a surprising breath of fresh air for GIGsoup. The group even got a now tragic and foreshadowing, but then elating ‘Footballs Coming Home’ chant going; probably the best way to connect with a UK audience at the moment!

Lucky Chops and Moon Hooch are on a UK tour at the moment! Make sure to check out their socials for further dates….