Human Barbie is an analog fantasy; wisps of classic pop, psychedelia, and indie rock intermingle to create a melancholy dreamscape, colorful and intoxicating. Formed in 2018 by songwriter Chris Leopold, Human Barbie is an amalgamation of a lifetime of AM-radio road trips and midnight vinyl.

Light, buoyant, and friendly, their latest single “Be Careful What You Wish For” For is a cautionary tale of failure and rejection. The song is a decoder ring that unlocks the message of Human Barbie’s debut album Get a Life, due out in early 2020 from Poor Man Records. With tones at once washed-out and broken-hearted, it evokes a bygone era that was never really as wholesome as it seemed.

Recorded with 1/2” analog tape, “Be Careful What You Wish For” was captured and mixed with 100% analog effects, reverb, and performance techniques. The entire process was painstaking and deliberate; Get a Life is less a collection of songs, and more an artifact of creative introspection and deep reflection.