Kim Wilde
Kim Wilde sings on London Underground

Kim Wilde, her brother, London Underground and a few too many drinks

80’s pop sensation Kim Wilde gave an impromptu version of her hit “Kids in America” on the London underground.

The very merry moment was caught on camera by passenger Katherine Eames and uploaded to YouTube today (December 14th). The footage was shot as revellers, including Wilde and her brother who had a guitar to hand, made their way home from Magic FM’s Christmas bash.

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“After a truly rubbish day, I got on the train home and couldn’t get a seat, a man pulled out his guitar, ‘Oh here we go!’ I thought,” wrote Eames. “Then a drunken woman starts singing. Hang on a minute, I know that voice?! It really was KIM WILDE! This totally made my day.”

Wilde who has now reinvented herself as a TV gardener had clearly had a good evening. She tweeted “truly,i am overwhelmed  and confused at such a huge reaction to my night out on the tiles.Making me giggle a LOT: )”