Jasmine ‘Bring To Light’ EP

All images are provided by Jasmine Whalley.

Due to be released on the 5th of April, Jasmine’s ‘Bring To Light’ begins in an unassuming dreamlike way. The album was composed and partly performed by Leeds-based Saxophonist Jasmine Whalley who sights Bonobo, MF Doom and Soweto Kinch as some of her influences.

Evoking a feeling of gazing into a sky at twilight ‘Luminescence Part 1’ provides an opening credits sequence which is steeped in light pink shades and light flourishes. There is something about the aptly named ‘Bring To Light’ that offers a sense of lilting nostalgia, placing its listener within a small social club where everyone takes slow sips of their drinks and nods along respectfully. This feeling is partly due to ‘Bring To Light’s’ constant return to it’s the collection of ‘Luminescence’ tracks (parts 2, 3 and 4 all appear throughout) but also because of the EP’s ability to create a rich tapestry of sound that never becomes too dense. ‘Tune For Moria’ in particular demonstrates a great sense of self-control; bringing in a larger amount of instrumentation and variety to the table, without tipping over the edge into a muddled frenzy.

Jasmine had this to say about the rich inspirational background of ‘Bring To Light’-

“The tunes on the EP are influenced by lots of different music that I like; I’m hoping that listeners will enjoy hearing an interesting mix of genres in my compositions.”

It’s certainly true that Jasmine moves around the musical palate, switching from a dream world, to a surging almost hip-hop driven sound effortlessly. The title track ‘Bring To Light’ meanders around, dancing to its own rhythm, only to slow to allow another ‘Luminescence’ to enter and close the piece. This EP shows off the work of a rising star, that is set to shine brightly in the jazz world. Keep your eyes on this one, you wont be dissapointed.

‘Bring To Light’ is available from the 5th of April on Soundcloud.

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