Nashville based Pop Punk band Ghost Town Remedy has a unique sound full of stellar guitar riffs and energetic vocals. The group came together, preparing to be in a local Christmas pageant in Northern Virginia. Instead of practicing for the pageant TJ Maher (Guitarist) and Steve Lane (Drummer) found themselves gravitating to and learning the songs on Weezer’s Blue album. From those experiences, a band was born.

After years of circulating the DIY scene in NoVA, the band relocated to Nashville in 2016, and they released their first effort “Caffeine Dreams” in September 2017. The group began touring in 2018 across the US and into Canada.

Since moving to Nashville, Ghost Town Remedy has been working on finishing its next record, which has a release date in the summer of 2020. Previewing their upcoming record, the band has released a single ‘Therapy’ and now most recently ‘Holy Hangover,’ a very relatable song with feelings that many feel once a year. While the feelings are not fun when you are experiencing them, they are fun to listen to in ‘Holy Hangover.’

“Holy Hangover comes from a series of reflections I’ve had on my bouts with post-holiday depression. There’s a very specific feeling of anxiety and sorrow that I get around the middle of January when the festivities are over, the sun is low, and the air is cold that makes me want to not do anything except eat and sleep a bunch. It quite literally feels like a month-long hangover.I specifically wrote the high-energy music to contrast with the melodramatic lyrics to highlight the disconnect between my dreams and my emotions. If only I could emerge from my hibernation a new man and get on with my life.”

Ghost Town Remedy really stands out with their unique songwriting which is accompanied with 4 part harmonies that are backed by melodic guitars and booming drums in a way that makes you want to move.

Listen to their new single ‘Holy Hangover’ here.

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