Exclusive Splendour Festival 2015 Interview with ‘Joy Mumford’

This ‘Splendour in Nottingham 2015′ article was written by Sarah Ebockayuk, a GIGsoup contributor with photo by Opaluwah Photography

Exclusive Splendour in Nottingham Festival 2015 Interview with 'Lawson'Today we delve once more into the excellent Splendour festival. This time the amazing GIGsoup contributor Sarah Ebockayuk managed to catch up with rising star Joy Mumford, a Nottingham jazz/soul artist who won Future Sound 2014.

She performed a spectacular acoustic performance of her current material. We caught up with her before she went on stage.

How are you enjoying splendour so far, are you looking forward to your performance?

Yeah I don’t feel too nervous as we’ve just been arriving and getting prepared, but yeah looking forward I’m looking forward to it.

Music wise? What have you got planned for the rest of 2015?

At the moment I am just writing a lot. That is what I pretty much have been doing over the last year, since last summer performing at Splendour.

I have just been writing with different producers, getting enough material together. I mean there is a lot of stuff together, but it’s just sort of writing as much as you pretty much can. So hopefully my EP will be released and then my Album released at some point.

Do you know when your EP will be released?

No, no still working on my EP. It’s been nice though. I have got to work with a lot of people over the past year that I didnt know. It’s been nice to meet different people, in different environments, in different places.

I have been going in between London, Leeds and Nottingham quite a bit, which has been quite cool!

Who have you been working with the past year?

Gosh, In Nottingham quite a lot with Rob from DID, (Dog is Dead) he’s a really cool guy and a good friend of mine. I have been writing a lot with him and in London with different people and my management. Yeah it’s been cool!

What advice would you give to anyone starting out in the industry?

I think I would say, do whatever you can do. Don’t wait for anybody to make things happen for you. If you want to write, keep writing, keep recording. Keep doing whatever you can do.

I mean its weird, with me, I didn’t have anywhere to record stuff down I had written. There was a community recording studio in Nottingham that I went to and they would let kids record things for free and get their material down. It’s nice that there is that sort of option for people. Especially for people who don’t have the facilities.

There’s always a way to put yourself out there and gig as much as you can!

If you had to go back to the start of your career would you change anything differently so far?


That is a very deep question….(laughs)

I apologise to Joy…

No its ok,its making me think about my life! (Laughs)

Probably, I guess just take my time more, and know its ok to spend time to developing myself as an artist. I think sometimes there is a bit of a rush where you want to say: this is who I am, this is me. But I think even with writing and recording or finding what your sound is, it is important to take time to know what you really truly enjoy and what you want to do. As apposed to what is popular and what everybody is listening to, I think that is really important.

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Joy Mumford - Photo by Opaluwah Photography