Everyone is “Bleeding Orange” for Dave Tamkin’s New Single

Entering the soundscape with a simple, yet punchy guitar riff, Dave Tamkin begins to sing of his wings and dreams in his new song “Bleeding Orange”. Drawing a parallel between himself and butterflies, Tamkin paints a picture of what it looks like to chase a dream no matter how many obstacles you may face. “I was driving from Omaha to Kansas City and my windshield collided with an unusual amount of butterflies [due to the Monarch butterfly migration]. After pulling over and cleaning off the dreams of what seemed like hundreds of butterflies I turned on my radio and “Running Down a Dream” by Tom Petty filled my speakers. I thought about how running down my dream as a songwriter I’m running down the dreams of all these butterflies trying to find their way home” Tamkin says.

Similar to his past music, Tamkin adopts a unique modern style of rhythmic acoustic sounds that are often reminiscent of music in the bygone era of the 70’s.  Undoubtedly, its Tamkin’s gift of words that make “Bleeding Orange” stand out. “I was given wings young as I can imagine” is soon followed by the imagery of “building dreams on broken strings and napkins”.  Tamkin continues to flex his lyrical gift with lines such as “when will my heart age to match my reflection”, “windshield crime scene running down this dream”, and “I learned to fly just to find my way home”.  With every passing line, the listener is drawn in to hear the story behind the music and always left wanting more.

Dave Tamkin is no newbie to the music scene. Having shared the stage with Guster, Brendan James, Rusted Root, Donavon Frankenreiter, Butch Walker, Freddy Jones Band, Eric Hutchinson, Willy Porter, Daphne Willis, and Peter Mulvey, to name a few, its evident that Tamkin has been working on his craft for a number of years. Tamkin saw recent success with his single “Caught in Amber” that garnered over 30,000 streams from Spotify followers. It’s safe to say that Tamkin has developed a unique style that fans love…. And we hope he has more new music planned for us in the future.