Captivation, vibrancy and talent is surely a recipe for musical success, Kent’s Psychedelic Funk Rock quartet Eleusia have provided these three elements in their impressively refreshing second EP ‘Waves in the Clouds’.

The EP opens strong with ‘Deep Blue Sea’, which they have released as a single, introducing their sound powerfully. Vocalist Glenn O’Hagan’s range shines as impressively unique and endearingly powerful throughout the EP captivating the audience with every note change. There is no doubt that they have passion and unity on their side as Eleusia’s talents as musicians cannot be disputed, however they have managed to shine both as individuals and impressing as a unit.

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As the stand out track of the EP ‘Fly Away’ proves that versatility as a musician is imperative and Eleusia have shown that they are more than able of adapting their sound, in this case into a more mellow display of song-writing. The impeccable guitar and bass work by Jason Tomlins and Dhuran Modha respectively, forces a visual journey to be experienced through the instrumental work expressing the beautiful imagery created lyrically in this song in particular. Although there are elements where it seems a little too familiar, it is clear to see they have found a way to express what works for them as well as adapting this for a more gripping listening experience.

This is an EP where the souls of the artists have really been expressed and can be explored by their audience, the work of drummer Adam Martin in particular has remained captivating, complementing each others element flawlessly. ‘Dance into the Night’ is a perfect way to bring the EP together – refreshing and leaving more to be wished for. The EP has its times of a telling influence of the likes of Prince and Hendrix and yet Eleusia have managed to display their own take on such a familiar sound.

Waves in the Clouds’ transforms a blank canvas into an exciting display of emotions, experiences and visuals, they’ve made sitting still an impossible task and not only are they making passionate music, but they are making music to be taken notice of. ‘Waves in the Clouds’ is a refreshing exploration into the nature of relationships without being a cliché and proves just why Eleusia is a name to be remembered.

Waves in the Clouds’ is out on the 1st October 2016

This Eleusia article was written by Di’mond Sharma-Joseph, a GIGsoup contributor

Eleusia 'Waves in the Clouds' - EP REVIEW

Eleusia ‘Waves in the Clouds

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